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AEO mcqs SLOs Curriculum, Early Child Education Assesment Quality Drive, CPD LND

NTS AEO Syllabus Solved mcqs Sample and Model Paper 2016. As you know the Punjab Govt. announce the Educators and AEO Schedule the test will be on following dates 14, 15, 16 and 21, 22, 23 October 2016. While the test for AEO will be on 23 October 2016. more than 66000 Educator in PUnjab will be recruited according to this policy of School Education Department Govt. of Punjab.NTS Complete Guide for NTS AEO test is given below

AEO Important mcqs This Portion of Paper consist of following subject outline and consist of 30 Marks in AEO Assistant Education officer BS 16 Paper. you can find the important mcqs related these course. and enjoy also write a comment below the comment box
a. Course content of text books of Primary Classes AEO Important solved mcqs 2016
b. SLOs,
c. Curriculum,
d. Early Child Education
e. Assessment,
f. Item Development,
g. Quality Drive,
h. CPD, Continuous Professional Development
i. Literacy & Numeracy Drive

AEO mcqs SLOs Curriculum, Early Child Education Assesment Quality Drive, CPD LND

  1. It is necessary to arrange primary content according to some

(a) Goals

(b) Instructions

(c) Plan

(d) Strategy

  1. Some theorists are in favor of psychological approach to content organization which goes after the mental maturity level of the

(a) Learner

(b) Reader

(c) Planner

(d) Evaluator

  1. The logical approach takes care of the sequential order of concepts in the subject or

(a) Curriculum

(b) Content

(c) Discipline

(d) Plan

  1. the most suitable organization is the one which most effectively promotes the achievement of intended

(a) Outcomes

(b) Results

(c) Questions


  1. Who are the operative agents in primary educations?

(a) Planners

(b) Teachers

(c) School managers

(d) Learners

6- In Pakistan there are _____types of educational institution

(a) Two

(b) Three

(c) Four

(d) Five

  1. Children start their formal education when they enter into school at

(a) Pre primary level

(b) Primary level

(c) Middle level

(d) Secondary level

  1. The developmental curriculum model considers primary level as first educational developmental stage of the child and is named as

(a) Awareness Stage

(b) Early stage

(c) Elementary Stage

  1. Educationalists and psychologists agree that science education program can be introduced from the earliest level

(a) Class 1

(b) Class 2

(c) Class 4

(d) Class 5

  1. A good teacher is one who

(a) Is highly intelligent

(b) Lives simple life

(c) Has mastery over teaching subject

(d) Has genuine interest in his students.

  1. The teacher should

(a) Keep distance with his students

(b) Help the students to get good marks

(c) Do whatever is needed to promote the welfare of his students

(d) Teach well and think that his job is over

  1. Which of the following is most important for a teacher?

(a) Classroom discipline

(b) Subject he is teaching

(c) Students of the class

(d) Time available for teaching

  1. What I like about teaching is that it is the

(a) Most peaceful job

(b) Resort of even the least competent persons

(c) Most challenging job

(d) Most lucrative job because of the scope for private tuition

  1. Which is the most sensible idea about teaching and research?

(a) They are two entirely different kinds of activities

(b) They cannot go together

(c) They are two sides of the same coin

(d) They interfere with each other

  1. A good teacher is one who

(a) Reads a lot

(b) Publishes lots of research papers

(c) Teaches well

(d) Cooperates well with the principal

  1. The teacher is appreciated when he

(a) Has strict control over his students

(b) Knows the problems of students and helps them

(c) Is friendly with the students

(d) Has a charming personality

  1. The first stage of curriculum development is the determination of the objectives of

(a) Syllabus

(b) Course

(c) Curriculum

(d) Education

  1. A subject matter is selected keeping in view the extracurricular activities and these coincide with those of

(a) Subjective Activities

(b) Selective Activities

(c) Curriculum Activities

(d) Communicative Activities

  1. The forth state of curriculum framing is the arrangement of

(a) Material

(b) Subject matter

(c) Objectives

(d) Contents

  1. What is the best suitable type of testing to assess the literacy and numeracy drive

(a) Objective (MCQS)

(b) Subjective

(c) Viva voce

(d) Criterion referenced






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