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How to Get PIFRA Online Salary Slips registration Complete Guideline

How to Get PIFRA Online Salary Slips registration Complete Guideline. PIFRA is committed to increasing the accuracy, completeness, reliability and timeliness of the government’s annual and annual in-country monetary reports in Pakistan at the national, provincial and district levels.It also strives to bring audit practices closer to world-class practices.

This allocation immediately assists the federal government’s dedication to strengthening public economic management, accountability, and transparency to facilitate public oversight and enhance credibility within the global community.
PIFRA actively participates in the promotion of transparency, responsibility and professionalism in the public monetary management. With our modernization and capacity building initiatives, public sector managers can use real-time and accurate economic knowledge for fiscal management and advise on decision-making. There was a massive influence of our efforts on the overall work environment of finance, debts and audit firms.

PIFRA objectives in improving governance in the area of fiscal management to reap the vision of strengthened incorporated in the monetary management system (IFMS) of the nation. The objectives of the revised company are the same as those of PIFRA II and PIFRA-I, listed under:
Modernize executive audit tactics and perform internationally audited audit needs.Establish sound accounting and reporting techniques.Improve fiscal management practices.Generate economic knowledge, which is more valuable, complete, safe and timely. Increased data will facilitate the administration of software by government creators.Tighten internal controls and reduce the incidence of errors and irregularities in processing payments and receipts.pifra_online_pension_and_salary_slips

The objectives of the task are in line with the sectoral objectives of MTDF 2005-10. One of the key key sectoral activities (the Governance sector) of MTDF is related to the growth of governance symptoms within the nation. The MTDF chapter on governance clearly sees PIFRA as a predominant initiative leading to fair governance.
Better management control through:

Invoice monitoring procedure (up-to-date cost effectiveness).

  • Finance Execution file (Clear image of expenditure and budget).
  • Graph of money owed (different degree of classification of invoices).
  • Opportunity through the process of industry Reengineering.
  • Compliance with the global requirements of Supreme Audit Institutions.

How to Get PIFRA Online Salary Slips registration Process step by step Complete Guideline

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Get your Slip and Register with Pifra with following measures

Employee Education Department
Government Employee Personal Number
Updated CNIC Address
Gmail account
account office name O
Contact details

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