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Carrier After Matric In Pakistan

Carrier After Matric In Pakistan or different fields after Matriculation. a Number of option in your mind are revolving what should do. Best Courses Jobs Career Options after 10th Class are available after Matric Exam. if you want to do Intermediate In Science you can select three option like

  • Pre Medical
  • Pre Engineering
  • ICS

that depend on your mind if you want to become doctor or join other medical courses like labortary course, X-Ray or Operation theater course which is 4 year diploma class definitely you will choose Pre Medical


Pre Engineering FSC is the best option to study further after the first registration and O-level science students. In fact, mathematics is the main difference between the FSC and the FSC Pre Pre Medical Engineering. many more options for you after studying engineering opens another intermediate. If you are good at math and do not like physics, chemistry and then try to better science or mathematics General FA to take as an elective subject in FA

another field which is called ICS intermediate computer Science that replace the computer subject with chemistry.


if you are interested Intermediate In Arts then you can choose the following options

  • I.COM
  • FA
  • ICS
  • General Science
  • Humanities

Following other options are also available after Matric Exam like

Diploma Of Associate Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering which is called 3 year diploma offer in Technology Colleges of District.

Veterinary course for 2 year are also offer in Pakistan in different college and universities.

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